The Historic Brig Pilgrim

The sheltering cove at Dana Point was the only anchorage between San Diego and San Pedro during the mid 1880s. The Pilgrim was one of the ships that brought finished goods from New England to trade for the hides of cattle raised at nearby Mission San Juan Capistrano and on surrounding ranchos. Pilgrim was a two-masted, square-rigged Boston Brig. Aboard when she arrived here in 1835 was a young seaman, Richard Henry Dana, for whom the area was later named.

A recreation of the Pilgrim, designed by marine architect Ray Wallace, is owned by the Orange County Marine Institute in Dana Point Harbor. It serves as a living history classroom, where students sign on for overnight adventures. They become crewmates, learning hands-on the rugged life of 1800s sailors. The Pilgrim has a 94 foot hull with tall masts rising 110 feet in the air. When she sails on an annual voyage along the coast, over 8,600 square feet of sails are unfurled. The ship is also the setting for weddings, concerts, dramatic productions and public tours.

from Adventurer's Guide to Dana Point
by Doris Walker
Illustrated by Warren Schepp
©1992 To-The-Point Press, Box 546 Dana Point, CA 92629

The Brig Restaurant is located in the Dana Point Harbor within walking distance of the Historic Brig Pilgram tall ship and we invite you to read our menus (in PDF format): We look forward to seating you at your favorite table today.

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